31 January 2016

New Roles


Although I try not to self-reference this blog within this blog, what you might call going “meta”, there’s no denying that there’s been little in the way of new posts the past couple months. The Blogger platform and Windows Live Writer stopped cooperating, the Winter term of classes has been in full swing, and most importantly, I’ve been swept up into the world of parenthood, with the birth of our daughter in December. It’s been a busy couple months for me, but that translates into a bit of radio silence on the Internet side of things, with little activity here and on social media.

Cycling has changed a bit too, as bi- weekly trips to the grocery store constitute the majority of riding I do. I’ve been getting a lot of use out of the bakfiets in that regard, but am also very excited at the prospect of bringing my daughter along. Of course, she’s way too young to be in a child seat or in a trailer, but her car seat can be securely mounted inside the bakfiets, and with the rain cover installed, she’s safe and comfortable. This is how many Dutch families do it, and obviously I like the idea, too. I can’t wait for our first bike outing as a family together, and am happy my daughter will grow up around the idea of bicycles as a fun and healthy form of transportation.


Running errands aside (speaking of, I’m looking forward to this years Errandonnee come March), I still have adventures on the horizon this year. There are some mountain biking trails in Bavaria that I might be checking out, a handfull of bike overnights (once the little one can sleep through the whole night at home), and my ultimate goal of riding the Rhein from start to end. But in the meantime, there are chains to be lubed, tires to be pumped, and diapers to be changed.

Thank you for reading for yet another year.


- Bicyclist Abroad

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  1. What wonderful news! Enjoy your time with your daughter.

  2. Congratulations! All my best to you and your family.