24 November 2015

Around Town: Coffeeneuring 2015 #4 & #5

Waldfeucht lomo

The following two jaunts were all basically within town, even though one is in Germany and the other is in the Netherlands. The first place is a local friterie (a place that serves croquettes and other fried items) and the other a relatively new pizzeria just down the way. On both occasions I ordered an espresso, mostly because of the convenience. If you order a “coffee” it could mean any number of things, but an espresso is usually always just that. Both establishments have on or near-premise bike racks, or in the case below, a giant cannibalistic bag of fries that will hold on to your bike for you.

cannibal frites

waldfeucht espresso

bei mimo espresso
















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Coffeeneur Quick Stats:

Location: Christianes Friterie & Café
Brabanterstr. 65
Waldfeucht, DE
Date: Sunday, November 8th
Drink: Espresso
Distance: 15 km / 9 mi


Location: Pizzeria Bei Mimo
Waldfeuchterbaan 108
Maria Hoop, NL
Date: Wednesday, November 11th
Drink: Espresso
Distance: 16 km / 10 mi

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