15 November 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014: The Final Chapter (Waypoints #6 and #7)

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So this season of coffeeneuring has drawn to a close and I’m left with having to write about things other than getting coffee. That’s alright though, it’s been a fun event and definitely behooved me to visit some establishments that I might not have otherwise patronized.

My final two excursions were in two different countries, the first being in the town of Montfort in the Netherlands.  I had actually planned on venturing out to the city of Roermond, but found a cafe en route and settled for a cup of coffee there in case no other opportunities came my way.

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Like many cafes around here, the ‘t Kefee ane Kerk is suited for everyone, but is particularly accommodating to bicyclists. It is just off the main cycling network road that I was doing my best to follow, and has a bike-parking lot in the adjacent to the outdoor dining area on the patio. There I sat and ordered a coffee as a group of middle-aged German men showed up on their bikes and took a seat on the patio as well. 


As I enjoyed the sunshine and waited for my coffee to cool, I took out the trusty bike map and plotted the next leg of my journey towards Roermond. From the looks of it, I was a third of the way there. Inside the cafe there were maps for sale as well as a kiosk of mostly cycling-related literature, sight-seeing guides, and local attractions. This place gets an A+ in bike-friendliness.

Little did I know however, (though at this point I should be keenly aware) that a map was really not necessary at all. There were signs indicating the bike route to Roermond literally around the corner from the cafe. And of course, bike paths for almost the entirety of the way. Where there weren’t segregated bike paths there were clearly marked bi-directional bike lanes. Even the roundabouts were suited for bicycle traffic.


One place of note nearby is the Roerdriehoek museum [website] that features stories and memorabilia from the Allied liberation of this part of Europe during World War II. I didn’t go inside, but I would like to check it out eventually.       [Note the British and American flags being flown]


I continued on my way, reaching Roermond city limits, but it was getting late in the day so I decided to stop at a Jan Linders grocery store, get something to eat, and return back. I had a pretty significant mechanical issue happen just as I was returning, but I’ll touch on that in a later post.

The final coffeeneuring stop for me was on Veterans Day, at the Cafe am Rodebach in Gillrath, Germany. I had actually been here once before with the Mrs. when we had first arrived to Germany. Its location is convenient if you are coming or going to the NATO base in Geilenkirchen and while not directly on a bike path, it is a dozen meters or so away from one.


There was a large group of older men and women there when I arrived, all apparently having cycled there. I parked my bike next to theirs, which were predominately Dutch-style bikes with electric assist. These upright e-bikes are wildly popular amongst the older population here, and if having an electric motor to supplement your pedaling is what gets you on a bike, then it’s fine by me.


Since the weather was drizzly and cold, I opted to sit inside here and found a table by the window. Advertised were freshly-made Berliners so I could not resist having one with my coffee.


It was pretty delicious and the little carafe held another cup’s worth of coffee, which was just right. It was a pleasant escape from the dreariness outside and a nice finale to my first coffeeneuring experience. I would have to say that this, along with every other stop I made these two months, were places I’d visit again if I had to redo the whole thing. In fact, now that I’m officially done coffeeneuring, I’m looking forward to re-visiting some of the establishements I’ve coffeeneured to.


So this year’s coffeeneuring event for me has spanned two countries and three bicycles, something I’ll try to top next year (Belgium is the next closest candidate). I’ve been both on and off-road, in the sunshine and in the rain, and had a great time throughout. Thanks again to the orchestrator of all of this, MG from Chasing Mailboxes, and to all the other people out there that participated.

- Bicyclist Abroad

Coffeeneur Quick Stats:


't Kefee ane Kèrk
Aan de kerk 2
6065AS Montfort Netherlands [website]

Date: November 2nd
Drink: Coffee
Distance: 33 km/ 20 mi.



Café am Rodebach
Knuppstr. 9
52538 Gangelt-Stahe Germany [website]

Date: November 11th
Drink: Coffee
Distance: 29 km/ 18 mi.

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