31 July 2014

Getting Things Done (by bike)

Lately, the weather here has been great for things that need rain, like grass, because it’s been raining. A lot. What it’s not great for is actually mowing the grass, because the lawn never really dries before it starts to rain again. So while the sun was out and the breeze was a-blowin’, I decided to mow the front yard. [Stick with me, I promise this is going somewhere.]
The problem I have with mowing the lawn is disposing of the grass clippings. The landlord that owns the house has a compost pile, but it is on the other side of the “block”, which I can see from the house, but requires actually going around the block to access due to various fencing and whatnot. Since I have to empty the lawnmower several times during the course of mowing the yard, it isn’t feasible to continue making the trek there and back, so I normally dump the clippings in a cardboard box and continue on.
After all is said and done, I’m left with a sharp looking lawn and a large box full of grass. Last time, I mistakenly left the box sitting in the garage for too long, and the pleasant smell of freshly cut grass quickly turned into a strong noxious scent of decomposition. So this time, I was going to get rid of it immediately, but how?
By bicycle, of course.
The Dahon, which has proven time and again to be the master of utility [flickr.com], seemed to be the best solution. With a low rear rack and a high seat post, I could set the box on the back and secure it by cinching a cargo strap around the seat post and and box.
This configuration allowed me to carry what would normally be too unwieldy a load, even for a traditional front or rear rack. (A bakfiet would, of course, work just as well, but let me know when they make one that folds.) So after cinching the strap around and tidying up the loose end in a neat braid (training courtesy of the U.S. Air Force), I very easily rode around the block and disposed of my grass clippings.
 IMG_0759 IMG_0742

Sure, I could have just picked up the box and walked there, but there is something about finding new ways to use the things that I own that gives me a certain satisfaction, especially if they weren’t necessarily made to do so. Now, if only I could get on the same level as this guy:

- Bicyclist Abroad

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