16 March 2014

Goodbye, Mississippi


It’s a rainy Sunday, the second-to-last day before heading back to Japan via Portland. I’m writing this to serve three purposes: to fulfill my self-imposed obligation to write at least weekly, to procrastinate on studying for my final exam on Monday, and to post some photos I’ve taken over the last few weeks that I can’t really fit into any other context. I suppose the fourth purpose (the honorary mention of purposes), would be to bookend the experiences I’ve had on this trip, make some sort of conclusion that ties together all of the things I’ve done, and then ends with optimistic sentiment… but honestly, that sounds like a lot of work right now.

On to the pictures:

IMG_4442 This was from the adventure to Nowheresville, MS when I mistakenly thought the bike lane would take me someplace nice. It’s a Magnolia tree. Probably.


IMG_4431 These are also Magnolia trees. By the way, anything that’s not a Palm or Pine tree is a Magnolia.


IMG_4458Art Deco building for sale in Biloxi. Future home of a Masonic Lodge, I imagine.


IMG_4461Hardware store, Biloxi.


The next few are from a night set near the Beauvoir Confederate cemetery:






The Ohr-O’Keefe Art Museum is one of the more interesting buildings here in Biloxi, and I’ll finish this off with a few I took there:





Happy travels.

- Bicyclist Abroad Domestic

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