09 February 2014

Technical Difficulties

 I had an update almost ready to publish, but the laptop I was using has found itself out of commission due to a broken screen which may or may not have been directly attributed to me. So the photos are still on there, but I can't access them until I get back to Japan and can plug in the external display. I probably should have left them on the SD card, but I didn't. In the meantime, I am trying out a Sony VAIO laptop, and getting a handle on Windows 8. I miss having iPhoto, which seemed to work well with Blogger as far as uploading pictures, but there are a couple Windows programs that seem to get the job done as well. Below is the only proof that I've actually been anywhere or done anything since I've been here:

  So give me some time to do some more stuff and take pictures of said stuff, and then I'll write about it here.

  In other news, Portland is experiencing the phenomenon of "snowfall" and it's entertaining to read everywhere about how the "Worst Day of The Year Ride" was cancelled due to inclement weather. Even more entertaining is the fact that the "Worst Day of the Year Ride is Cancelled, but We're Going to Ride Anyway Ride" was also cancelled:
UPDATE: Sunday morning at 8:49 AM: With ice all over the place and an official, emergency alert from City of Portland this morning, it should go without saying that riding a bike today might not be the best idea.
 So much for that, huh? 

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