29 January 2014


 It's pretty chilly here in the Mississippi Gulf Coast today, and if I'm cold, I'm fairly certain native Mississippians are in the midst of agonizing throes, burning mattresses for warmth and eating their pets. Really, from watching news coverage you'd think people are experiencing the eleventh biblical plague-- cars are careening into ditches, off of bridges, into each other, and all for no good reason, because everything is closed anyway. Granted, there is quite a bit of ice on the roads, but for whatever reason, Southerners believe that if you accelerate fast enough, you can escape the laws of physics. That's actually how NASCAR was invented.  

Icy road/ POV of slipping and falling on your ass. 
  So, because of this wintry weather or, what locals believe to be God's punishment for Taylor Swift not winning album of the year, every single business and school is shut down. Including the one I flew all the way from Japan to attend. This leaves me with a lot of time on my hands to reflect, catch up on reading, do a thousand pushups, etc. What I will try to do is get the next few blog posts written so that when class eventually resumes and we're playing catch-up (that's a common phrase, but I don't think that catch-up really constitutes play) I can post them with minimal effort, which coincidentally is my favorite type of effort. And when the roads are clear again, and people come down from their pet-eating-induced delirium, I will resume bicycling around and tell you all about it.

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