18 January 2014

Intersecting Interests

Fyxation [sic] is a company out of Wysconsin [sic] that started out making tyres [sic, but only for Americans] and has since moved on to frames, components, and accessories. Not content with the standard assortment of bicycle accessories, they started gettin'  real  fancy  with their leather goods, making stuff like this:

And this:

And, this:

 Now, if you know anything about that last one, you know that it directly relates to the first two. That's right, the wonderful world of disc golf.

 I've been playing disc golf since about 2008 when some friends in Anchorage introduced me to the game. I'm not terribly competitive, nor do I have "athletic prowess", but I have managed to stay fit enough for the U.S. military to keep me on their payroll over the years. None of that matters anyway in disc golf- a game very often played with a Frisbee in one hand and a beer in the other.

 As I was saying, I first started playing in Anchorage, Alaska. It was something the Mrs. and I could do together and it is a relatively inexpensive hobby, save for the cost of booze and replacing a lost disc every so often. We visited my wife's family in Oregon one year and, lo and behold, Portland has about a dozen courses itself (of course it would). We even stayed a night at the McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, OR which features a modest 9-hole course throughout the grounds and a bonus 10th hole, where the tee is on the 2nd story balcony and the basket is in the yard below.

The Grand Lodge. Little-known fact: Disc Golf was invented by Freemasons.
 Here in Japan, there are a few courses, but they're spread out fairly thin throughout the country and we haven't had much luck finding them. Especially way up north here in Misawa, Oh wait, I forgot there is one, and its right here on Misawa Air Base. That's right- how convenient to have a scenic 18-hole disc golf course right down the road from where I live. And the great thing is, no one here really knows about it, or disc golf in general, so most of the time I can get it all to myself. I even had my re-enlistment ceremony on the 3rd hole, which seemed awesome at the time, but for reasons I will not publicly say, was kind of a bad idea.

Let's just say, it was windy and the flagpoles were propped up by Frisbees. 

...And that's a brief history of my disc golfing experience thus far. You're welcome. All of this to say, disc golf in many ways is just like bicycling. It doesn't take any special skills, it's virtually free to do (after an initial investment), and it's a fun activity you can enjoy pretty much year round. Also like bicycling, there is a group of people that take it very seriously:

(Not a paid endorsement)
 So is Fyxation [sic] onto something, targeting people who both ride bikes, drink alcohol, and play disc golf? Eh, maybe, but they're doing it all wrong. Firstly, you can only attach one of those leather holsters to your top tube at a time, unless you own a tandem. (Fun fact: nobody reading this owns a tandem!) Secondly, I can't tell from the photo (feel free to send me a sample), but it looks like you can fit only one disc in the holster. Most people have a driver and a mid-range disc at the minimum. And unless the person you're playing with also has a Fyxation Frisbee caddy, then they're just out of luck. Lastly, although I haven't tried it myself (again, I'm open to product reviews), two rows of sharp bottlecaps between my thighs sounds like an absolutely terrible thing.

Image courtesy of: http://tenminutemissive.com/
But... I hate to dismiss someone's idea without having a better one to propose, so here it is:
Panniers. People have been carrying stuff on bikes for a long time with them. You can even get them in leather, if that's your thing. Or, a backpack. Also available in leather, but eww.

Or, my personal favorite:

Wald 535 Rear Twin Basket. (Full review coming soon!)    

So, there you have it. No matter what hobby or activity you might be into, bicycles make it better! *

*Not applicable to quilting, rock climbing, BASE jumping, stamp collecting, or any illegal activities. Void where prohibited. Batteries not included. 

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