25 January 2014

In the States, again.

(Hard to tell without the Space Needle, right?)

 Once again, here I am in the United S of A. I would rather be in Japan with the Mrs. and our pets, but Uncle Sam said he'd pay for me to go to school in Mississippi so that's where I'm headed for the next couple months. In the meantime, I've been doing a little bit of riding around Portland, and will have Part II of the Springwater trail up for your reading pleasure (spoiler alert: it's more interesting than Part I!)

 Also of note, I've been taking photos in B&W as a stylistic preference, and will probably continue to do so from now on. Anyone who might object, please speak now or forever hold your peace. No one? Well, alright. Additionally, the blog margins have been increased in width to allow for larger photos, but the font size will remain frustratingly small as to encourage the use of a Bicyclist Abroad-branded magnifying glass I will sell to increase profits.

 A few features on the horizon to look out for are product reviews (possibly in haiku form), a separate page featuring my sizable bicycle fleet, and Flashback! posts for things that are interesting, but have occurred prior to this blog's creation. This will add "variety" and increase "entertainment value", at least according to my marketing department.*

 Thanks for reading!**

- Bicyclist Abroad  Domestic

* The Bicyclist Abroad marketing department, as you correctly assumed, does not exist.
** My wife is the only one that actually reads this blog, so hi babe, I miss you!

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